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The spicy Indian cuisine packed with distinct flavors is quite incomplete without the mighty mustard oil. It is
an integral part of us, and OrgoHeart takes full responsibility of passing on some good quality and 100%
organic mustard oil to its customers.

Besides being strong, aromatic oil used for frying and sautéing foods, mustard oil has been proven to
reduce bacterial growth. It also helps to stop the rapid spread of cancer cells.

  • 500ml


Benefits of Mustard Coldpressed Oil:

Mustard oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to alleviate bodily discomfort and pain, especially rooting from diseases like arthritis. It reduces inflammation in the body, is another good source of Vitamin E, and enables you to have a healthy heart.

Other than cooking purposes, mustard oil is also a well-known remedy for cold in the Asian subcontinent. Gently rubbing it on the chest of a person suffering from a severe cold can give them a nice warm feeling and utmost comfort.

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