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Orgoheat is Best cold wood pressed groundnut oil. It is made from the graded high quality peanuts. Extracted using the traditional Chekku wood Lakdi ghana pressing method which ensures that all the nutrients and goodness in the oil is retained . Puraly Natural extracted oil.


  • 500ml


Benefits of Groundnut Coldpressed Oil:

  • Boost Immune System: Groundnut Oil Boosts Immunity. Viral And Fungal Infections Are Susceptible To Antioxidant Thus Consuming Groundnut Oil Can Keep You Healthy By Stimulating White Blood Cell Production To Remove Foreign Agents From Your Body
  • Insulin Sensitivity: Research Shows That Oleic Acid Show An Increase In Insulin Production To Undo Inhibitory Insulin Effect
  • Controls Cholesterol Levels:
  • Better Heart Health: Groundnut Oil Has Mono Saturated Fatty Acids Like Oleic Acid And It Increases The Level Of Good Cholesterol That Is Hdl And Reduces The Level Of Ldl(bad Cholesterol).

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