Cold pressed oils are a necessity. That is because, by consuming oils manufactured via the other process, you expose your health to a range of harmful diseases. You put your body in a vulnerable state and fill it up with harmful chemicals and acids. The oil market is filled up with numerous oil brands serving different types of oils. But all of them are not healthy and may fail to stand by their claims of giving the consumers a healthy and balanced life.First up first, the market is filled with hot press oils. These sorts of oils are extracted by using high heats, hence the name “hot press”. The extreme heat diminishes the natural goodness of your oil, making them a useless liquid.

The second sort of oil, that you see in almost every television commercial and also, stocked up on the shelves of your local general store or supermarket are the refined oils. If the word ‘refined’ is something that has you hooked to this type of oil, then you must know what it actually means in terms of oil extraction.

Refined oils are not as pure and healthy you think them to be. In fact, refined oils contain zero natural goodness as everything is filtered off to produce the bland mixture of chemicals you bring home from the store. They are bathed with chemicals which help them preserve longer and deodorized for duplicating the original smell of natural and healthy oils.

You cannot expect any good in exchange of the 100-120 rupees you pay per liter for these oils. At OrgoHeart India, we encourage our customers to switch to a healthy and balanced life. It is high time you show your wisdom and concern for yourself and your family by incorporating cold press oils into your lifestyle.

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