The cold press process of oil extraction is done making sure the atmosphere is cool. The overall temperature does not go beyond 35°C so that high heat does not denature the essential living enzymes of the oil – its authenticity remains intact. Our state of the art facilities, coped with the latest technology and expert team help the extraction process successful, making sure the goodness of the oil is not diminished. No harmful chemicals are used, which leads to the manufacture of 100% pure cold pressed oil.

We source our raw materials from trusted suppliers, ensuring the supply of premium quality produce. Be it whole nuts, coconuts, or the varied assortment of seeds, all of it reaches our premises at their freshest condition. The base ingredient is ground up to a fine mix, upon which we place our cold press and squeeze out the essential oils from it.

The cold press process is entirely mechanical, thus accurate amounts of oil is extracted from the base ingredients. The temperature is kept under control at all times, making the cold press extraction process a major success for both our company and your health.


Strictly following the guidelines of the cold press extraction process, we do not mix any additional ingredients like dalda oils or vanaspati to increase with the intention of cost reduction. Instead, OrgoHeart incurs a 30-50% higher cost due to not opting for unhealthy mixes and strictly maintaining the purity of our cold pressed oils. 1 liter of our pure oil requires 3 kilograms of seeds, which is higher than the quantity used during other extraction methods.

There is absolutely no reason for you to pick any other oils over OrgoHeart’s authentic produce. You would not want to compromise your health for a few additional bucks.

Our Purpose of Being

OrgoHeart’s ethical stance has enabled it to maintain its essence of purity and quality of making premium quality oils available to its devoted customers. Your constant support has given us an upper hand, making it possible for us to take a step further and join the team of cold press oil exporters in India.

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